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Validation process

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    The goal of XMLdation validation service is to let you know whether a specific XML file is valid against selected validation pipe. The results and possible errors are given as informatively as possible. 

    In practice XML file is uploaded to XMLdation service, validation pipe is selected and results are shown. A

    Below is the exact content inserted into EPC Credit Transfer pipe and content returned by our service:

    • Inserted XML file
    • Returned report (in large .png screenshot of the report. Downloadable as .html and .pdf from service)


    Before showing the report, the validation service shows a short summary of the validation result. 

    As visible from the report, the service returns multiple errors and notices into relevant places of the XML file. Most of the errors also include a "read more" wikilink.

    Usage of API is also supported for the validation process, removing the need for using UI and enabling automated validation process.

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