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OCL - Brief Introduction

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    XMLdation implements validation rules for ISO20022 and other XML messages using OCL.

    OCL (Object Constraint Language) is a query and constraint language defined by the OMG (


    Example of OCL:

    The bankCode in the Bank data structure below represents a BIC. It must be 8 or 11 characters long. You can express this validation rule in OCL as follows:

    bankCode.size() = 8 or bankCode.size() = 11


    OCL is a non-proprietary, standards-based rules language. It is supported in modelling environments e.g. MagicDraw, IBM Rational Software Architect and Eclipse. ISO20022 XML messages are designed in these modelling environments.

    OCL References

    You will find a section on OCL Resources on the Nomos Software Website:

    OCL Book: "The Object Constraint language: Getting Your Models Ready for MDA (2nd Edition)", Jos Warmer and Anneke Kleppe, Addison Wesley

    OCL Quick Reference: