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    About ABBL

    The Luxembourg Bankers’ Association ("Association des Banques et Banquiers, Luxembourg") is the professional organisation representing the majority of banks and other financial intermediaries established in Luxembourg. Its purpose lies in defending and fostering the professional interests of its members. 


    Services to members

    The ABBL provides technical and strategic input for the benefit of its members and the Luxembourg financial industry as a whole. The ABBL also develops professional recommendations and guidelines for its members, including a code of conduct

    Public relations

    In terms of communication, the ABBL anticipates political, economic and social developments in Luxembourg and at European level, promotes the financial sector in Luxembourg society and provides information to the sector's public. It formulates opinion papers and proposals on legislation, taxation, and banking regulation at national, European and international levels.

    Employer representation

    The ABBL represents and assists its members in social matters. It negotiates working and salary conditions in the financial sector via a collective bargaining agreement. It also officially represents the financial industry in various Social Security institutions. The ABBL is a founding member of the Luxembourg Employers' Association (UEL), the representative body of all Luxembourg employers. The association also provides training programmes adapted to the needs of banks. These include professional development programmes of different levels, accelerated language courses, seminar programmes on a range of subjects and professional banking training courses aimed at various levels of qualification.

    ABBL fields of activities

    • Accounting and financial reporting
    • Financial supervision
    • Client protection
    • Clusters
    • Communication
    • Financial markets & services
    • Legal & Tax
    • Payment systems and IT
    • Social affairs & Employers' representation
    • Training


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    ABBL in XMLdation service

    ABBL implementation is built around standard ISO schemas.

    Credit transfer:

    Schema: pain.001.001.03.xsd

    Direct debit:

    Schema: pain.008.001.02.xsd


    XMLdation currently has following pipes in the service:

    Credit Transfer V2.3 ABBL
    ABBL SEPA Direct Debit V1.1

    Pipes are based on ABBL Implementation guides:

    • Standard-CreditTransfer-XML-v23-EN-ABBL
    • Standard-XML-SDD-Initiation- v1 1-EN-ABBL


    Guides can be found here: