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Eligible currency codes

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    The following currencies are supported by AIB.

    This list is also available in the AIB Multi-Currency Bulk Payments XML File Format implementation guide at

    This list was checked on 27th of February 2013.


    Australian Dollar  AUD
    Canadian Dollar  CAD
    Chinese Yuan CNY
    Czech Koruna  CZK
    Danish Krone DKK
    Euro  EUR
    Hong Kong Dollar  HKD
    Hungarian Forint HUF
    Indian Rupee INR
    Israeli New Shekel ILS
    Japanese Yen JPY
    Kuwaiti Dinar KWD
    Latvian Lats LVL
    Lithianian Litas LTL
    Mexican Peso MXN
    New Zealand Dollar NZD
    Norwegian Krone NOK
    Omani Rial OMR
    Philippine Peso PHP
    Polish Zloty PLN
    Qatari Rial QAR
    Russian Rouble RUB
    Saudi Riyal SAR
    Singapore Dollar SGD
    South African Rand ZAR
    Swedish Krona SEK
    Swiss Franc  CHF
    Thai Baht THB
    Turkish Lira TRY
    United Arab Emirates Dirham AED
    Pound Sterling GBP
    US Dollar USD