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SEPA reachable countries

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    The following table describes the countries and country codes where IBAN is required identification for receiver account regardless of payment currency.

    This list is also available in the AIB Multi-Currency Bulk Payments XML File Format implementation guide at

    This list was checked on 15th of February 2013.


    AT Austria
    BE Belgium
    BG Bulgaria
    CH Switzerland
    CY Cyprus
    CZ Czech Republic
    DE Germany
    EE Estonia
    ES Spain
    FI Finland
    FR France
    GB United Kingdom
    GF French Guyana
    GI Gibraltar
    GP Guadeloupe
    GR Greece
    HU Hungary
    IE Ireland
    IS Iceland
    IT Italy
    LI Liechtenstein 
    LT Lithuania
    LU Luxembourg
    LV Latvia
    MC Monaco
    MQ Martinique
    MT Malta
    NL Netherlands
    NO Norway
    PL Poland
    PM Saint Pierre and Miquelon
    PT Portugal
    RE Reunion
    RO Romania
    SE Sweden
    SI Slovenia
    SK Slovakia
    YT Mayotte