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    About CBI

    The creation of the CBI Consortium, which replaces the Interbank Corporate Banking Association created by ABI in 2001, was approved on 20th of May 2008 during the ACBI annual meeting.

    The goal of the Consortium is to plan and develop standards, guaranteeing that they are certified, and to define a reference regulatory framework; this would allow banks to carry out an online connection and dialogue with the clientele, with a view to interoperability both at national and international level.


    CBI in XMLdation service

    XMLdation currently has validation service for following payment definitions:

    CBI CT Version: 00.03.09 CBI DD Version: 00.00.06 
    CBI CT 00.01.01 Foreign
    CBI SEDA C 00.01.04
    CBI Credit Transfer 00.04.00
    CBI Direct Debit v.00.01.00

    Implementation guides and schemas are available at