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    Character Set 
    [Following is a copy from IG version 2.7 regarding character set]
    To create SEPA messages, i.e. the reference data, the following characters are permitted according to the UTF-8 and/or ISO 8859 coding35. Any usage of  byte order marks (BOM) is not permitted. 
    Permitted Character Code   Character  Hex Code 
    numeric characters  0 to 9  X'30' – X'39' 
    capital characters  A to Z  X'41' – X'5A' 
    small characters  a to z  X'61' – 'X'7A' 
    apostrophe  X'27' 
    colon    X'3A' 
    question mark  X'3F' 
    comma    X'2C' 
    minus    X'2D' 
    blank character     X'20' 
    left bracket  X'28' 
    plus sign    X'2B' 
    period    X'2E' 
    right bracket  X'29' 
    slash    X'2F' 
    For the characters which have been additionally permitted for hitherto existing national pay-
    ment transactions (DTAUS character set, see Chapter 1), the following regulation applies:  
    1. The financial institutions commit themselves to their adoption. 
    2. These can be converted according to the rules stated in the following table, if applicable:  
    Characters to be supported   Characters  Conversion according to EPC
    Best Practices 
    Alternatively per-
    Umlauts (capital and small characters)   Ä, Ö, Ü, ä, ö, ü  If not displayable, then convert to
    A, O, U, a, o, u 
    AE, OE, UE, 
    ae, oe, ue 
    S sharp  ß  s ss 
    Ampersand  If not displayable, then convert to 
    No alternative