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    Finanssialan Keskusliitto

    FK (or Finnish Financial Services, FFI) is a is a trade body representing financial companies. It represents banks, insurers, finance houses, securities dealers and financial employers operating in Finland

    In the validator point of view, FK is commonly cited when referring to AOS2 rules, as FK is the organisation responsible for creating and maintaining them.

    FK in XMLdation service

    XMLdation currently has the following services for Finanssialan Keskusliitto

     FK Finvoice 1.2
     FK Finvoice 1.3
     FK Finvoice 2.0
     FK Finvoice SenderInfo 2.0
     FK ReceiverProposal 2.0
     FK Finvoice AttachmentDetails 2.0
     FK Finvoice 2.01
     FK SEPA Credit Transfer v3


    Finvoice example files can be downloaded here.

    XMLdation example Error report cen be downloaded here