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    Definition:  Specifies the underlying reason of the payment transaction. 
    XML Tag:   <Cd> 
    Occurrences:  [1..1] 
    Main values to be used are: 
    DIVI  Dividend  Payment of dividends. 
    INTC  IntraCompanyPayment  Intra-company payment
    INTE  Interest  Payment of interest. 
    PENS  PensionPayment  Payment of pension. 
    SALA  SalaryPayment  Payment of salaries. 
    SSBE  SocialSecurityBenefit  Payment of child benefit, family allowance. 
    SUPP  SupplierPayment  Payment to a supplier. 
    TAXS  TaxPayment  Payment of taxes. 
    TREA  TreasuryPayment  Treasury transaction 
     For a full list of codes to be used as Category Purpose, see CategoryPurpose at