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    Rules and guidelines made by ISO20022 are listed here. By default, every rule is checked by the validator.

    ISO20022 always describes "R-Rules" in start of their Credit Transfer and Direct Debit payments maintenance documents. These rules are direct instructions on how to use elements. In addition, ISO20022 has other rules desribed next to the element they are referring to.

    Rules in the wiki are divided into Credit Transfer, Direct Debit and general rules, and are written in a way that they apply to all versions of both transfer types. E.g. Pain.001.001.02, Pain.001.001.03 and Pain.001.001.04 have no difference in the specification of rules, but activity of rules in each version differs.

    For more information on what rules are active on what versions of payment types, please look at following links:


    Complete specifications of rules and more information about ISO20022 can be found from ISO20022 home page: