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FIToFIPaymentStatusReport Rules

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    Info about message

    The FinancialInstitutionToFinancialInstitutionPaymentStatusReport message is sent by an instructed agent to the previous party in the payment chain. It is used to inform this party about the positive or negative status of an instruction (either single or file). It is also used to report on a pending instruction.
    FinancialInstitutionToFinancialInstitutionPaymentStatusReport is done via pacs.002.001.03.
    List of all Business Rules defined by ISO 20022 can be found from:
    The FIToFIPaymentStatusReport message is exchanged between agents to provide status information about instructions previously sent. Its usage will always be governed by a bilateral agreement between the agents.
    The FIToFIPaymentStatusReport message can be used to provide information about the status (e.g. rejection, acceptance) of a credit transfer instruction, a direct debit instruction, as well as other intra-agent instructions (for example FIToFIPaymentCancellationRequest).
    The FIToFIPaymentStatusReport message refers to the original instruction(s) by means of references only or by means 
    of references and a set of elements from the original instruction. 
    The FIToFIPaymentStatusReport message can be used in domestic and cross-border scenarios.
    Other information

    Subpaged of this page contain the detailed information related to rules active in FIToFIPaymentStatusReport