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Clearing codes

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    Clearing codes are specified by ISO20022. 

    Clearing codes have to be in specific, country dependant format. They always start with country's payment system prefix (5 characters, referenced as code in the ISO's table) and are followed by varying number of digits/letters (referenced as bank identifier in ISO's table).
    There are two ways for banks to use clearing code - to specify code and bank identifier in different or in same element.
    If they are specified in the same element, both parts are given in MmbId element.
        <MmbId>NZNCC020368</MmbId >
    If they are separated, Code is given in Cd and identifier in MmbId:
        <MmbId>020368</MmbId >
    Please look at the table below for full specification regarding correct structure of clearing code:



    Bank Identifier

    1 ATBLZ Austria [0-9]{5,5} ATBLZ12345
    2 AUBSB Australia [0-9]{6,6} AUBSB123456
    3 CACPA Canada [0-9]{9,9} CACPA123456789
    4 CHBCC Switzerland [0-9]{3,5} CHBCC12345
    5 CHSIC Switzerland [0-9]{6,6} CHSIC123456
    6 CNAPS China [0-9]{12,12} CNAPS123456789012
    7 DEBLZ Germany [0-9]{8,8} DEBLZ12345678
    8 ESNCC Spain [0-9]{8,9} ESNCC12345678
    9 GBDSC UK [0-9]{6,6} GBDSC123456
    10 GRBIC Greece [0-9]{7,7} GRBIC1234567
    11 HKNCC Hong Kong [0-9]{3,3} HKNCC123
    12 IENCC Ireland [0-9]{6,6} IENCC123456
    13 INFSC India [a-zA-Z0-9]{11,11} INFSC123AZ456789
    14 ITNCC Italy [0-9]{10,10} ITNCC1234567890
    15 JPZGN Japan [0-9]{7,7} JPZGN1234567
    16 NZNCC New Zealand [0-9]{6,6} NZNCC123456
    17 PLKNR Poland [0-9]{8,8} PLKNR12345678
    18 PTNCC Portugal [0-9]{8,8} PTNCC12345678
    19 RUCBC Russia [0-9]{9,9} RUCBC123456789
    20 SESBA Sweden [0-9]{4,4} SESBA1234
    21 SGIBG Singapore [0-9]{7,7} or [0-9]{3,4} SGIBG1234567
    22 TWNCC Taiwan [0-9]{7,7}       TWNCC1234567
    23 USABA US [0-9]{9,9} USABA123456789
    24 USPID US [0-9]{4,4} USPID1234
    25 ZANCC South Africa [0-9]{6,6} ZANCC123456

    The table is updated by ISO rarely. Validator automatically takes the list from ISO20022's page, so clearing code check is always up to date.

    Clearing codes source:<wbr>  

    Sheet 5 in the excel