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    International Bank Account Number (IBAN) - identifier used internationally by financial institutions to 
    uniquely identify the account of a customer. 


    The format of IBAN allows up to 34 contiguous alphanumeric characters containing the following 
    consecutive components:
    IBAN:  CCkk{BBAN}
    C = country code, 2 letters as specified by ISO 3166
    k = check digit
    BBAN = up to 30 alphanumeric characters, 0-9, A-Z (only uppercase), no separators. 
    Further specifications of the format and content of the IBAN can be found in the standard ISO 13616 "Banking and related financial services - International Bank Account Number (IBAN)" version 1997-10-01, or later revisions. In addition, EPC has more information in it's own knowledge bank:


    EPC's full IBAN documentation is attached to this page.