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BkPtyId: Bank Party Id

    In pain.001.001.03


    Nordea’s service code is mandatory. It may be given in either in GroupHeader or in PaymentInformation levels.

    • When given in GroupHeader the service code is used for all batches of the message. 
    • When given in PaymentInformation it is used as the service code for the payer in question. The Debtor service code is used even if the GroupHeader/Initiating party service code is given.


    GroupHeader location: GrpHdr/InitgPty/Id/OrgId/Othr/Id

    PaymentInformation location: PmtInf/Dbtr/Id/OrgId/Othr/Id

    OrgId/Othr/SchmeNm/Cd has to be ”BANK” regardless of level used.


    In pain.001.001.02


    Element: pain.001.001.02/PmtInf/Dbtr/Id/OrgId/BkPtyId


    • This element is mandatory.
    • Contains service code given by Nordea.
      • Service code is usually business ID (Y-tunnus).