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    The field pain.006.001.01/OrgnlGrpInf/CxlRsnInf/CxlRsn/Cd  or pain.006.001.01/TxInf/CxlRsnInf/CxlRsn/Cd specifies the reason for the cancellation request.  According to ISO20022 message definition the field can contain one of the following values:

    AGNT (Agent in the payment workflow is incorrect).
    CURR (Currency of the payment is incorrect).
    CUST (Cancellation requested by the Debtor).
    DUPL (Payment is a duplicate of another payment).
    SUSP (Payment is a suspicious payment).
    UPAY (Payment is not justified).

    In Nordea cancellation request the field is omitted. If used, however, it is recommended that the code being used is "CUST".