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Test Account Numbers

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    In case user wants to change their real account numbers to test account numbers, list of Nordea's test account numbers can be found below.

    Nordea Finland's Euro test accounts: 
    FI4819503000000010 	FI0819503000000051 	FI8319503000004327 	
    FI3819503000086423 	FI1419503500000023 	FI3619503500098761 	
    FI7429501800000014 	FI5229501800000022 	FI4429501800008314 	
    FI3329501800008512  	FI2029501800068110 	FI7329501800068417	
    Nordea Finland's currency test accounts: 
    FI7919504200000032 	FI2119504200224467 	FI1719505200000047 	
    FI7919505200013578	FI3229506200000019 	FI4329506600003571	
    Nordea's cross-border test accounts
     Account Number BIC-koodi 	
    9412771220 	  NDEAGB2L 	
    10010011223SEK   NDEASESS 

     Change can be done E.g. with notepad replace feature.