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Crossborder General

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    This page describes the active rules in General Crossborder ruleset. This ruleset is used in all crossborder pipes:

    • Crossborder
    • Crossborder Urgent
    • Cheque Crossborder
    • Cheque Swift


    The following rules are active

    1. ChrgBr value SLEV and [empty] is forwarded as SHAR. Info is given
    2. SvcLvl is not allowed to be used in Tx lvl
    3. Cdtr/PstlAdr/AdrLine is mandatory 
    4. UltmtCdtr/Nm is not forwarded. Info given
    5. InstrForCdtrAgt: Only the first two occurrences of are forwarded. Info given
    6. InstrForCdtrAgt/Cd: Only the codes "PHOB" or "CHQB" can be used
    7. CdtrAcct/Id/UPIC cannot be used to identify CdtrAcct
    8. Currency has to be supported
    9. Clearing code has to be supported and of specific format
    10. SEPA-transfers should not be given in crossborder pipe. Notice given