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SEPA Money Order

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    Money Order FI has the following rulesets active

    • General
    • Sepa


    Sepa is used as it is, with the exception of following:

    • Cdtr/PstlAdr/AdrLine is not recommended in Money Order FI


    Money Order FI itself uses the following rules:

    1. Cdtr/PstlAdr/AdrLine is not allowed
    2. Cdtr/PstlAd: StrtNm, PstCd and TwnNm are mandatory.
    3. It is recommended to give either Cdtr/Id/OrgId/TaxIdNb or Cdtr/Id/PrvtId/SclSctyNb.
    4. CdtrAcct IBAN has to be FI5059999999999991