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Urgent FI

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    This page describes the rules used in Urgent FI pipe.

    The following rulesets are active:

    • General


    And the following Urgent FI rules are active:

    1. PmtMtd has to be TRF.
    2. InstrPrtry is not used
    3. SvcLvl/Prtry UGGP has to be present in either PmtInf or in Tx block
    4. ReqdExctnDt has to be the current day
    5. ChrgBr SLEV has to be present in either PmtInf or Tx block
    6. Only one PmtInf element is allowed
    7. Only one CdtTrfTxInf is allowed.
    8. BIC is mandatory for both DbtrAgt and CdtrAgt
    9. DbtrAgt/BIC has to be OKOYFIHH
    10. Cdtr/PstlAdr/AdrLine is recommended.
    11. CdtrAcct/Id/IBAN is mandatory
    12. Urgent FI payments must be made to banks inside Finland
    13. Amt has to be EUR
    14. DbtrAcct has to be OP's euro account