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PmtInf/PmtTpInf/SvcLvl/Cd Notice

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    Content of the field '<PmtTpInf><SvcLvl><Cd>' (PaymentTypeInformation / ServiceLevel / Code) ' is mandatory except for Dutch NVB format. Only 'SEPA' is allowed as payment type.





    Please note that in order to avoid multiple pages containing the same rule information, this wiki page is shared with 3 different rules:

    Case 1, when PmtTpInf is missing
    Case 2, when PmtTpInf is given but PmtInf/SvcLvl is missing:
    Case 3, when PmtTpInf/SvcLvl is given but PmtInf/SvcLvl/Cd is missing


    Below is an example of correct, non-NVB usage of SvcLvl: