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EndToEndId length

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    Your tag <EndToEndId> contains more than 16 characters. Please be informed that the 'Reference to Account Owner', normally reported in the statement line (Tag 61 Subfield 7) of your SWIFT MT940 is limited to 16 positions. We have relocated your complete <EndToEndId> to the respective transaction's Remittance field (Tag 86) in your SWIFT MT940 message.

    As a result thereof the following will now be returned in your SWIFT MT940 message:
    - Tag 61 Subfield 7 will contain "EREF", which refers to your complete <EndToEndId> being moved to Tag 86
    - Tag 86 contains a "/EREF/" code word, followed by your complete <EndToEndId>

    An example of such SWIFT MT940 is underscored below for your convenience:
    :86:/IBAN/NL42ABNA0604654057/BIC/ABNANL2A/NAME/MR PAYER/REMI/Invoice2