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CtgyPurp : CategoryPurpose

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    In salary payments it is required to declare a code in order to indicate the purpose of the payment is salary.

    It can be done by specifying the code in either one of the following elements:

    • pain.001.001.02/PmtInf/PmtTpInf/CtgyPurp = "SALA"
    • pain.001.001.02/PmtInf/CdtTrfTxInf/PmtTpInf/CtgyPurp = "SALA"

    Note: In Samlink SEPA payments it is recommended that PmtTpInf is used at debtor level (pain.001.001.02/PmtInf/PmtTpInf). If used in .../CdtTrfTxInf/PmtTpInf, the element will be omitted.