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PmtTpInf : PaymentTypeInformation


    CtgyPurp : CategoryPurpose
    Element: pain.001.001.02/PmtInf/PmtTpInf/CtgyPurp                        (2.12)
      pain.001.001.02/PmtInf/CdtTrfTxInf/PmtTpInf/CtgyPurp    (2.36)



    Allowed value for Sampo's payments:

    INTC Transaction is an intra-company payment, ie, a payment
    between two companies belonging to the same group.
    SALA Transaction is the payment of salaries.
    TAXS Transaction is the payment of taxes.


    If both fields are present – then CdtTrfTxInf-level (2.36) takes precedence. However SALA and TAXS are recommended to be used at PmtInf-level.

    With salary payments only SALA code is allowed and it is mandatory on one or the other level.


    InstrPrty : InstructionPriority & Prtry : Proprietary
    Element: pain.001.001.02/PmtInf/PmtTpInf/InstrPrty         (2.4)
      pain.001.001.02/PmtInf/PmtTpInf/SvcLvl/Prty     (2.7)
      pain.001.001.02/PmtInf/CdtTrfTxInf/PmtTpInf/SvcLvl/Prty  (2.31)


    Express payment is recommended to be defined at PaymentInformation level. Use either one of these to signify an express payment:

    • “HIGH” in InstructionPriority (2.4)
    • “URGP” in ServiceLevel/Proprietary(2.7)

    If both fields are present – then 2.7 takes precedence.

    Domestic express payment can also be defined at CreditTransferTransactionInformation level with value "URGP" in pain.001.001.02/PmtInf/CdtTrfTxInf/PmtTpInf/SvcLvl/Prty.