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Slovakia AOS

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    The banking community in Slovakia supports the continuity of the Slovakian specific symbols for payment identification for SEPA Credit Transfers end-to-end by means of specific data usage rules.

    For the reconciliation of payments adequate symbols are provided and must be transferred end-to-end (i.e. from the Originator to the Receiver). Up to three payment symbols are used:

    1. Variable symbol carries payment reference information - used for matching the payment to credit, contract, payer, etc.; numeric, up to 10 digits - coding /VSnnnnnnnnnn
    2.  Specific symbol is used by some institutions for further classification of incoming payments; numeric, up to 10 digits – coding /SSnnnnnnnnnn.
    3. Constant symbol carries payment purpose information. Used for payment purpose classification mostly by Public Sector institutions; numeric, up to 4 digits, coding /KSnnnn.

    Final specification and recommendation of the use of SK payment symbols within SEPA: Symbols will be placed into the End-to-End-Identification field (called Originator’s Reference):
        Syntax: "/VS[N10]/SS[N10]/KS[N4]"
        /VS[N10] - variable symbol, up to ten digits, numeric
        /SS[N10] - specific symbol, up to ten digits, numeric
        /KS[N4] - constant symbol, up to four digits, numeric

    SS not used: <EndToEndId>/VS012345/SS/KS0308</EndToEndId>
    All symbols used: <EndToEndId>/VS012345/SS123/KS308</EndToEndId>
    SS and KS not used: <EndToEndId>/VS012345/SS/KS</EndToEndId>
    In the event that no reference was given, ‘NOTPROVIDED’ must be used.