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    FIToFICustomer Credit Transfer V06 / GroupHeader / Message Identification

    Product Usage: Assigned by the Instructing Agent (Debtor FI) to uniquely identify the
    pacs.008 message. The Instructing Agent (Debtor FI) is responsible
    for ensuring the uniqueness of this message identification.
    Format: MYYYYMMDDbbbbbbbbbbbBAAAnnnnnnnnnnn

    Pos. 01-01 - Prefix "M"
    Pos. 02-09 - File creation date in format YYYYMMDD
    Pos. 10-20 - FI Identifier (11 digit Participant ID)
    Pos. 21-21 - Message generation source ("B" if generated by a TCH
    Pos. 22-24 - Alphabetic serial identifier (3 alphabetic characters)
    Pos. 25-35 - Message serial number (11 numeric characters)
    Rules: The first 20 characters of Message Identification (positions 01-20) are
    validated for structural alignment in accordance with the format