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    Below the INVOICE_CENTER/CONTENT_FRAME element there are some pieces of
    mandatory tags that coordinate the receiving of the material in the Invoice Center. Here
    are the explanations for the key elements as the standard values/acceptable values.


                       Standard information: CF01, mandatory information

            Sender’s net-service-identification in the Invoice Center
                                       Mandatory information.

    SENDER_DOMAIN        Sender’s domain name

                       An identifier provided by the sender, e.g. file name
                                       Mandatory information.

    TIMESTAMP                Time stamp (file creation time) in format yyyymmddhhmmss
                                       Mandatory information.


                                       Transaction type, alternatives: 00=invoice, 02=posting
                                       Mandatory information.


                                        Function, alternatives: 00=addition
                                        Mandatory information.

                                        Batch-specific delivery method is used only in special cases when the
                                        services specified in the recipient’s and the payee’s agreements need to be
                                        skipped. For example, value 01 is entered in the BLOCK_METHOD
                                        element if the user wants to exceptionally print out the entire material as
                                        eLetters when the recipients would normally receive their invoices in
                                        electronic format. The same principle is applied with the
                                        INVOICE_CENTER/CONTENT_FRAME/ INVOICES/INVOICE/HEADER/METHOD_OF_INTERCHANGE                                     element, in other words with the invoice-specific delivery method.

                                        Delivery method, alternatives:
                                                            01 = Print sales invoice

                                        Batch-specific delivery method has highest priority when considering how
                                        the material will be delivered to the recipient. If the delivery method code
                                        is missing from the BLOCK_METHOD element, the value of the
                                        HEADER/METHOD_OF_INTERCHANGE element will be taken into account. The coding used for                                     the BLOCK_METHOD element is also used for the METHOD_OF_INTERCHANGE element. Normally                                     the material is forwarded in accordance with the agreement signed by the recipient or the                                     payee. When the BLOCK_METHOD and METHOD_OF_INTERCHANGE elements are missing from                                     the sent material, the material is forwarded in accordance with the recipient’s agreement. If                                     the recipient has not an agreement, the material will be forwarded in accordance with the                                     payee’s agreement information.

                                        Data format, the value is TEAPPSXML when sending the Invoice Center’s TEAPPSXML                                     description compliant material.
                                        Mandatory information

                                        Version number of the Invoice Center’s TEAPPSXML description.

                                        The character-set used, standard information: ISO-8859-1. 


    All the content on this page is from the TietoEnator TEAPPSXML version 2.7 implementation guide.