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Postbar-Zahlungen – die Baranweisung

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    The “Postbar-Zahlung” offer an opportunity to send money to a receiver without using an account.

    It will be hand out by postal delivery or can be picked up from post office.

    Following Rules are applied for Postbar Payments:

    • The identification of Postbar payment is based on Category Purpose / Proprietary (CtgyPurp/Prty) setting to “CPPP”.
    • For Payment Reference (EndtoEndId) the specific Postbar Reference has to be assigned.
    • For Creditor information fixed values are requested:
    • Creditor Name (Cdtr/Nm) has to be "BAWAGPSK"

    • CreditorAgent BIC (CdtrAgt/FinInstnId/BIC) has to be "OPSKATWW"

    • CreditorAccount IBAN (CdtrAcct/Id/IBAN) has to be "AT846000000011471508”

    •  The name of final creditor needs to be assigned to Ultimate Creditor / Name (UltmtCdtr/Nm).
    • Additional instructions must be assigned to Unstructured Remittance Information (RmtInf/Ustrd). 

    Detailed information can be received from Stuzza Homepage:



    Rule 1:  Pay out on 1.11.2012 earliest
    Rule 4:  To creditor only. Not to authorized representative.
    Rule 23: SMS to +43 676 4058615, pay out in every post office.

    City Code: 1234
    Adress 1: Hirschdorf vorm Walde
    Adress 2: Karl-Christian Lorenzpl.12/3/23

    Remittance Information: Heizkostenzuschuss 12/2012

    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="no"?>
                                       <Nm>Frau Österreicher</Nm>
                                                   <Nm>Herr Österreicher</Nm>
                                                   <Ustrd>K1D20121101K4K23P436764058615?1234?Hirschdorf vorm Walde?Karl-Christian Lorenzpl.12/3/23?Heizkostenzuschuss 12/2012</Ustrd>