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    Notice! This page describes the nature of the error using a hypothetical example and not the erroneous data of the input test file. You should however be able to apply this information to your error case.


    Error description:

    There are at least two causes for this error:

    1: The XML document has content outside of tags and it is defined by the schema that only elements are allowed.

    2: Value is given inside complex type element

    Example of case 1:

        Hello Mr. <to>Andersson</to>
        How is your <system>Matrix</system> doing?
        Sincerely Yours, <from>Agent Smith</from>

    would produce this error. (It is possible to use XML this way and even validate it by XML schemas by setting complextype attribute mixed="true" but bank materials do not support this.)

    You can add extra content to files by using comments. For example:

    <!-- Here is an email -->
        <to>user'at'</to> <!-- email address here -->
        <subject>Hello</subject> <!-- remember to use describing subject -->

    Example of case 2:

    For example


    Correct way in this case would be to give the value inside <Id> element instead of giving it directly inside the <Othr> element.


    Screenshot of schema for reference:


    Explanation of the error message given by the validator:

    "Element 'elem1': Character content other than whitespace is not allowed because the content type is 'element-only'."

    Where elem1 is the element which has content outside of tags and produces the error.