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Finnish Institution Codes

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    IBAN consists of following parts:


    4 Characters are reserved for bank's identifier in IBAN, but not all 4 characters are always used. In the above picture, for example, only [5] is used, thus indicating that IBAN is in OP-Pohjola (The remaining characters are filled with [0]). This identifier must match with the given BIC.

    List of Finnish financial institutions, their BIC and financial code identifier:

    Pankki Code ID  BIC
    Calyon 711 BSUIFIHH
    Citibank 713  CITIFIHX
    Danske Bank  34 DABAFIHX
    DNB Bank ASA, Finland Branch 37  DNBAFIHX
    Handelsbanken 31  HANDFIHH
    Itella Pankki  715 ITELFIHH
    Nordea Pankki (Nordea)  1 ja 2  NDEAFIHH
    Pohjola Pankki  5 OKOYFIHH
    Sampo Pankki  8 DABAFIHH
    Skandinaviska Enskilda Banken  33 ESSEFIHX
    S-Pankki  39  SBANFIHH
    Swedbank 38 SWEDFIHH
    Aktia Pankki,Sp ja POP HELSFIHH
    Tapiola Pankki 36  TAPIFI22
    Ålandsbanken (ÅAB)  AABAFI22
    Source: FKL, Suomalaiset rahalaitostunnukset ja BIC-koodit (1/2012)