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    Description of the method



    .isValidRF() method checks if the given text is a valid RF creditor reference code. Method checks that the value is in alphanumeric format and contains a maximum of 25 characters. RF Creditor Reference is based on ISO 11649. The method also checks the following:

    • The first two characters contains the identifier 'RF'
    • The next two characters contains the check digit
    • The rest of the characters contain alphanumeric characters forming the actual reference. 

    In the reference section of RF, letters are converted into numbers and mod-97 operation is done to the reference in a numeric format. Result of this calculation will have to match the check digits indicated in position 3-4.

    Available for: string
    Parameters: -
    Return type: boolean



    Context: TransactionType1
    OCL: self.Amount.REF.isValidRF()
    Description: The example rule checks if the given reference is valid.


    The XML snippet below would pass this check.


    The other snippet below however would not pass this check.