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.plusDays() / .plusMonths / .plusYears()

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    Description of the method


    Description: .plus{Days|Months|Years}() method adds as many of days or months or years as the integer in the parameter indicates.
    Available for: ISO Date, ISO Date Time
    Parameters: integer
    Return type: ISO Date, ISO Date Time



    Context: HeaderType1 
    OCL: self.TimeStamp.plusDays(2) = self.Dt
    Description: The example rule compares the date of <TimeStamp> plus 2 days to the date of <Dt>. If the date of  <TimeStamp> after the additional days equals the date of <Dt>, true will be returned. This works in the same way with months and years.


    The XML snippet below would pass this check.


    The other snippet below however would not pass this check.