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PartyIdentification32 PstlAdr

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    Following restrictions are defined by the CGI to all PartyIdentification32 elements (Dbtr, UltmtDbtr, Cdtr, UltmtCdtr):


    Use only structured address
    When using combination of both structured address and Address Line, must use structured tagsfor post code (if applicable), country subdivision (ifapplicable), town name and country and only 2 Address Lines (to include street address)
    Use only Address Line (up to 7 lines; instrument by instrument limitations may apply)

    In addition to the above text, please note that 'Ctry' is marked as required for ACH and Wires payments and PstlAdr itself is required for Cdtr and Dbtr. Below is a screenshot of CGI-MP's table for Dbtr:

    Usage of "ACH" is shown and wires and cheques are omitted. They share the usage in this case.

    Structured element is this case means all other elements inside 'PstlAdr' other than 'AdrLine'.


    Below is a screenshot of vanilla pain.001.001.03 schema to potentially help to visualize the situation: