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    Character Set 
    [Following is a copy from IG version 2.7 regarding character set]
    To create SEPA messages, i.e. the reference data, the following characters are permitted according to the UTF-8 and/or ISO 8859 coding35. Any usage of  byte order marks (BOM) is not permitted. 
    Permitted Character Code   Character  Hex Code 
    numeric characters  0 to 9  X'30' – X'39' 
    capital characters  A to Z  X'41' – X'5A' 
    small characters  a to z  X'61' – 'X'7A' 
    apostrophe  X'27' 
    colon    X'3A' 
    question mark  X'3F' 
    comma    X'2C' 
    minus    X'2D' 
    blank character     X'20' 
    left bracket  X'28' 
    plus sign    X'2B' 
    period    X'2E' 
    right bracket  X'29' 
    slash    X'2F'