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    EU and EFTA countries are listed below:

    EU countries EFTA countries
    Austria  Italy Iceland
    Belgium Latvia Norway
    Bulgaria Lithuania Principality of Liechtenstein
    Croatia* Luxembourg Switzerland
    Cyprus Malta  
    Czech Cepublic Netherlands  
    Denmark Poland  
    Estonia Portugal   
    Finland Romania  
    France Slovakia  
    Germany Slovenia  
    Great Britain Spain  
    Greece Sweden  


    Currencies used in these countries are

    ISO code Currency Country
    EUR EURO  
    BGN Bulgaria Lev Bulgaria
    HRK Croatia Kuna Croatia
    CZK Czech Republic Koruna Czech Republic
    DKK Denmark Krone Denmark
    GBP United Kingdom Pound Great Britain
    HUF Hungary Forint Hungary
    LTL Lithuania Litas Lithuania
    PLN Poland Zloty Poland
    RON Romania New Leu Romania
    SEK Sweden Krona Sweden
    ISK Iceland Krona Iceland
    NOK Norway Krone Norway
    CHF Switzerland Franc Switzerland + Principality of Liechtenstein


    Sources (checked on 27.2.2014):