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XMLdation Wiki

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    1. 1. -Wiki Shared Knowledge

    -Wiki Shared Knowledge


    Public section can be read anonymously. Editing requires logging in. You can read more about the Wiki from FAQ.

    If you have rights to the private section, there is a link to the private area on the left.

    Explanations to error codes given by the validator can be found at Support section.

    Editing and adding is allowed and highly recommended but due to our high quality requirements login is required. See Creating Content

    Users of XMLdation's XML validation service automatically have their own login IDs.

    You can give more information about yourself  in My page section (see link left corner)

    Use Search tool (upper right corner)

    In any situation you may need support or help, please contact: support (at) xmldation.com

    Due to our partners' needs, some pages can differ depending on user rights.


    XMLdation homepages are www.xmldation.com

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