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XMLdation Wiki

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    Welcome to XMLdation wiki. 

    Purpose of this site is to store knowledge about financial XML messages and guidance related to XMLdation service. The main sections here are:

    • Support pages for the Service - contains details about validation errors. This section is meant to be read along with a validation report. XMLdation validation service links to these pages from validation reports.
    • General XML Information - contains basic information about XML, especially from the point of payments messaging
    • User guide for myXML  - myXML is an XMLdation service enabling users to document business rules and to create validation rules for payments messages
    • User guide for OCL rules - query language accessible via myXML, allows complex business rules to be transformed to validation rules
    • Training - contains tasks which can be done either independently or during a training session. Currently focusing on validation rule creation

    In any situation you may need support or further information, feel free to use the chat in the lower right corner or to contact us at: support (at)