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SchmeNm in OrgId

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    OrgId/Othr/SchmeNm/Cd is marked as a conditional element by CGI. Cd is to be used when SchmeNm is given, which at the same time means SchmeNm/Prtry is not possible to be given.

    Below is a screenshot of pain.001.001.03 schema regarding OrgId/Othr

    SchmeNm/Cd is set to use type ExternalOrganisationIdentification1Code by ISO 20022. This means that schema only limits the possible min and max lenghts and not actual values. Possible values are listed in en external document published by ISO, and XMLdation uses this list to validate the content inside the element. More information about External Codes and link to codelist document in wikipage: External Code Lists

    Example of valid usage: