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Field 71F


    Option F     3!a15d            (Currency)(Amount)


    This repetitive field specifies the currency and amount of the transaction charges deducted by the Sender and by previous banks in the transaction chain.

    Network validated rules

    Currency must be a valid ISO 4217 currency code (Error code(s): T52).

    The integer part of Amount must contain at least one digit. A decimal comma is mandatory and is included in the maximum length. The number of digits following the comma must not exceed the maximum number allowed for the specified currency (Error code(s): C03,T40,T43).

    Usage rules

    These fields are conveyed for transparency reasons.

    The net amount after deduction of the Sender's charges will be quoted as the inter-bank settled amount in field 32A.

    This field may be repeated to specify to the Receiver the currency and amount of charges taken by preceding banks in the transaction chain. Charges should be indicated in the order in which they have been deducted from the transaction amount, that is, the first occurrence of this field specifies the charges of the first bank in the transaction chain that deducted charges; the last occurrence always gives the Sender's charges.