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    pain.001.001.03, of which the last to numbers represent the version of the message, is currently the most used version of ISO 20022 Credit Transfer message. Version 02 is also in use in some countries (e.g. Finland) and Version 04 of this payment initiation message is also published. This message is used for SEPA payments and also for other credit transfer payments like salaries and currency payments. Cheque payments can also be made by using this message.

    XMLdation service has a validation tool which can be used for checking the correctness of payments including the bank and service specific rules. Although pain.001 message is part of the ISO 20022 standard, banks do have additional rules and recommendations which you have to check before sending the payments to bank. For this have we built a validator tool which has validation rules defined together with the banks.

    To find out which banks and payment types we currently support, don't hesitate to contact us. The contact information can be found from here.


    ISO's payment message schema can be downloaded at the bottom of this page.