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IBAN & BIC relation

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    Country code in IBAN (pos 1-2) must match with the country code in  BIC (pos 5-6) when BIC is given. 

    Following additional combinations are also valid:


    IBAN  BIC Area name
    FR  GF  French Guiana
      GP  Guadeloupe 
      MQ  Martinique 
      YT  Mayotte 
      RE  Réunion 
      BL  Saint Barthélemy
      MF  Saint Martin (French part) 
      PM  Saint Pierre and Miquelon
      GG Guernsey
      JE Jersey
      NC New Caledonia
      PF French Polynesia
      TF French Southern and Antarctic Lands
      WF Territory of the Wallis and Futuna Islands
    MC   FR France
    IE    GB Great Britain
    GB GG Guernsey
      JE Jersey
      IM Insel Man
      VG Virgin Islands, British
    DK FO Faroe Islands
      GL Greenland