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    XMLdation's myXML was developed so that experts may maintain XML business rules easily.

    Maintaining business rules in myXML ensues in several beneficial products for myXML expert. Users of XMLdation's validation service may access the maintained rules and validate their own XML files against them. In addition, myXML provides documentation on the maintained business rules which can be handed to people who are creating XML-files.

    MyXML also provides language and tools for automating test-file creation and creating and maintaining mapping validation rules.

    Therefore, myXML provides following features for its user:

    • creation and maintaining XML business rules
    • offering online validation service based on the maintained business rules
    • documenting the maintained business rules
    • creation and maintenance of automated test files
    • creation and maintenance of mapping validation rules (to validate xml-transformation between two files)

    The language supported and generated in myXML is OCL, which is has its own wiki section in user guide for OCL.